Crow Woods Company


Lets Be Up Front....

Crow Woods Company is dedicated to preserving and promoting the skills and freedoms established, fought for, and advanced by our predecessors.  I think we can all agree that our modern lifestyle and easy existence is firmly planted in efforts spent by those that came before.  This can be accomplished by a three-pronged approach:

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Our Values

Craftsmanship, Hard Work and Skills: At Crow Woods Company, we strive to highlight techniques, skills and knowledge used by our founders.  Feel free to share and illustrate those traits that have been gifted to you.

Artistic Expression and Preservation:  Generations of Pioneers, Settlers and Innovators, have produced a unique set of values and views.  No other group of peoples in the world have developed such an eclectic vision of the world.  Post, print, write, or whatever you like, your view of the ‘Crow Woods’.

Keep the Constitution, Liberty, United States Exceptionalism.  The United States has been the most effective government and country to implement true Freedom. Our success has been made possible the Founder’s Constitution.  It provides that all people are offered the same opportunities...If you’re willing to work.  These liberties were not free nor guaranteed.  A select few were willing to pay the ultimate price to achieve Freedom and pass it to the next generation.  Those brave souls are the Sons Of Liberty’